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Aquatic Vegetation Harvesting with the WaterBug

The WaterBug is a remote controlled, solar-battery powered aquatic harvester designed for managing aquatic vegetation and floating debris in lakes, ponds and water bodies of all sizes.

Finally an affordable, eco-friendly harvesting solution that allows you to harvest pond & lake weeds or skim floating algae, Duckweed, and other floating debris whenever you want!

Key Features
  • Remote Controlled & Solar-battery powered
  • 3-in-1 Cutter, skimmer & collector
  • Load carrying capacity of 300 lbs
  • Up to 4 hour run time per charge
  • 500 ft line of sight operating distance
  • One-person operation
  • Total machine weight is only 310 lbs
  • Offers 5 attachment options
  • Includes custom trailer
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The Waterbug has a load carrying capacity of 300 pounds with an operating footprint of 9.0 ft. by 5.5 ft. It is solar-battery powered with a 2 to 4 hour run time, depending on use and environmental conditions. The machine has a front conveyor to collect weeds and debris from the water. A second conveyor, in the rear of the machine, allows the gathered material to be stored and easily deposited on shore when full.


Waterbug is a one of a kind modular aquatic cleanup machine designed for harvesting aquatic weeds, algae and floating debris of all kinds in ponds, lake shores, channels, and more! 

WaterBug Harvester Videos

The Waterbug is available for $12,399.00 and includes the transport trailer, joystick remote control, set of two skimming booms, set of two net extensions, scraper attachment, and brush attachment or basically everything you need to start managing your small lake or pond.  The Sickle Cutter is available for an additional $1,199.00.