Waterbug Remote Controlled Harvester | Special Introductory Offer 2020

Original price was: $14,000.00.Current price is: $12,399.00.



Lake Weeder’s Digest is pleased to introduce to you the revolutionary Waterbug remote controlled lake weed harvester and skimmer!

Finally an affordable harvesting solution for services, golf courses, lake associations as well as pond and lake owner’s to take control and manage your pond on your terms!

Imagine a “drone” for your lake and pond that allows you to harvest lake weeds or skim floating algae, Duckweed, and other floating debris whenever you want! No need to apply herbicides or algaecides that may or may not work, or labor intensive tools like rakes and cutters, the Waterbug affords you an eco-friendly solution that is 100 % effective!


The Waterbug is available for $12,399.00 and includes the transport trailer, joystick remote control, set of two skimming booms, set of two net extensions, scraper attachment, and brush attachment or basically everything you need to start managing your small lake or pond.  The Sickle Cutter is available for an additional $1,199.00.

The Waterbug is well built and engineered evidenced by the fact that it is backed by a peace-of-mind one year warranty.  For additional information, please click on the link below or call toll-free 877-224-4899 to order!