Goose Control Beacon – Do Away With Geese


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Goose Control Beacon – Do Away with Geese

Looking for a way to keep geese off of your property or lakefront? Weeders Digest has the solution and we guarantee it will work or your money back!

Away With Geese has the power annoy the geese enough so that they will move and  locate to a different night time home farther away. This will also discourage them coming back to your lawn daily.

The unit (AwayWithGeese) operates automatically at night and creates a 360 degree light directed at eye-level of geese and it then recharges itself during the day time.

The AwayWithGeese system from Weeders Digest is an innovative and proven method to get rid of geese problem without the application of harmful chemicals, noise creating devices, dogs, or inhumane means. AwayWithGeese comes with maintenance free, built in solar power and is 100% guaranteed to get rid of geese.

 It is environmentally friendly and has no harmful impact on the natural landscape. It also provide humane solution to the goose problems. Although they annoy the geese and caused them to relocate to another areas, they do not have any harmful effect on them.

With the Goose Control Beacon you’re able to get a device that actually works. It works on LAND or in WATER! This innovative device ensures that geese leave your area and stay away. Why would you want geese to leave? Their feces has bacteria in it that is able to harm both humans and pets. They can ruin numerous items, grass, water and other areas in the yard and body of water.

Remove the geese from your area once and for all using this product. Keep in mind, that in order for the Goose beacon to keep geese away, this has to be used at night. Luckily, this is usually the most common time that geese really start to ruin a lake front and now you can stop them. It is a very simple concept as the specially made light on the beacon annoys the geese when they are resting on shore so they have no choice to get up and go somewhere else. Another great thing about the Goose beacon is that it is completely safe for the environment because there are no harmful chemicals used. Feel free to take a look at our video below to get a better idea of how this works to keep you property free of geese!

NOTE: If you are looking for something to use DURING THE DAY please check out our “Critter deterant system”


  • Causes geese to move to another pond since it disrupts their sleep patterns
  • No maintenance whatsoever is needed
  • Environmentally safe to use
  • Effective for removing the geese from the area
  • Almost unnoticeable to the human eye
  • Solve the problem of geese quickly and easily


  • Floats in the water (or sits on land if you choose the land unit)
  • Works at night
  • Solar powered so there is no need to change batteries or run electricity to it
  • 360 degree beam of light
  • Covers 3.5 acres
  • Can be used on both water and land
  • Light is emitted from all directions at the same time so no one direction is left out
  • Light is specifically designed to be annoying to geese eyes

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in
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Water Unit, Land Unit