Aqua Thruster – Lake Muck, Silt & Weed Control Prevention Blower





The AquaThruster by Weeders Digest is the most effective tool to help protect, clean & maintain your shoreline & beach. This multi-purpose lakeshore management tool will meet, or exceed your expectations when used properly. The AquaThruster has many benefits and has one of the highest satisfaction rates amongst our customers. It can clear, remove, prevent and get rid of everything from muck, lake weeds, algae, leaves, twigs and many other kinds of debris on the bottom, or on the surface of your body of water.  It is capable of clearing as much as a 175 foot diameter area from one spot depending on the model.

The AquaThruster comes in a variety of models and mounting options to fit any application. See below to learn more about all of these options. When you’re done, if you are unsure which model to choose, give us a call or use our live chat feature. Once we know the specifics of your shoreline and current situation, we will quickly be able to advise you on the best, most effective options.

  • Guaranteed to drastically improve your shoreline in as little as a few days.
  • Efficient operation (see below for power usage)
  • Comes standard with 50’ of submersible power cord (cords can be upgraded to 100′ – 150′ or 200′ lengths
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved.
  • Includes two-year warranty by Weeders Digest.
  • Available in 110 or 220 Volt options.
  • 6 mounting options to best fit your needs (see below)
  • 1/2hp – 3/4hp – 1hp & 2hp motors to choose from
  • Optional Dual Outlet Digital Timer available

Choosing Your Horsepower

The AquaThruster comes in 4 different HP models. Choose from ½ hp, ¾ hp, 1hp, or 2hp.

Choosing the right size Aqua Thruster can depend on what you’re trying to accomplish, how large of an area do you want clear, and how much muck, sludge, leaves or debris you have on the bottom of your lake front.

Average area that can be cleared from one location.(For surface water flow expect distances to more than double)

  • 1/2 HP: 10 – 30 ft in one direction (20 – 60ft diameter)
  • 3/4 HP: 20 – 50 ft in one direction (40 – 100ft diameter)
  • 1 HP: 40 – 100 ft in one direction (80 – 200ft diameter)
  • 2 HPThis is a new addition for 2015. Contact us for more details.

The image below reflects the average difference in thrust range between the different HP motors.


Your Mounting Options:

Mount Overview Video located at the bottom of the page


Dock Plate Mount:

This option allows you to easily install a dock plate to any part of your dock using a few bolts. This is a “semi-permanent” option for those who have no need to move their unit around their dock or shoreline. The AquaThruster unit can easily be removed from the mount for easy storing.


Portable Dock Post Mount:

If your dock has posts, this mount makes it extremely easy to mount  on any post along your dock to allow maximum coverage of your beach.  It is quick and easy to attach and remove so portability won’t be an issue.  Easy to move from post to post as needed!

To mount, simply slide the Portable Dock Post Mount over the desired dock post, tighten a couple bolts and you are ready go! To move or relocate, just loosen the bolts, slide it off and repeat!

Fits square and round dock posts up to 4″ wide.


 Free Standing Frame Mount:

This is a great option if you don’t have a dock or want to locate your AquaThruster in areas away from your dock. This option allows you to manage more area as it can be moved and relocated along the shoreline as needed.


Truss Dock Mount:

This “sandwich style” mount attaches to the side of any truss style dock. It can be moved anywhere around your dock very easily so you can cover more area effectively.  Mounts on any part of your dock in less than 2 minutes!


The 360 degree Oscillator mount:

Completely Automate your short journey to a solid bottom beach. Program to cover only the areas you want! It will do the rotating for you!  The Oscillator comes standard with the Dock Plate Mount but is also compatible with every other mounting option with the exception of the Float Mount.


Float Mount:

The float option is ideal if you don’t have a dock/pier and want to blast algae and floating debris as the Aqua Thruster sits two feet below the float. The float option for the Aqua Thruster works by allowing you to tie the system to something on the bank.

Still not sure which models to choose? Give us a call and we will be happy to assist.763-551-1441 or  877-224-4899

Mounting Options Video

 Disclaimer: Some states may have regulations regarding methods that moves or removes the lake bottom. You may want to contact your local representative for information on possible regulations in your area.


Is it illegal to own or operate a AquaThruster in the state of Minnesota? No.

Is it illegal to dredge the lake bottom without a permit? Yes

General FAQ’s:
Q.  Are you only an online store or do you have a storefront? 
A.  We have a storefront too!  We have over 7000 sq feet loaded with everything imaginable for your waterfront.
Q.  Where are you located?
A.  We are located in New Hope, Minnesota (Twin Cities Metro Area).
Our physical address is:  5701 International Pkwy New Hope, MN 55428
Q.  Do you offer special volume pricing? 
A.  Yes!  Call us and learn more about what constitutes a volume order.


How to get rid of lake muck, weeds, leaves, twigs, algae and scum? As you may already know, The Aqua Thruster by Weeders Digest offers the best solutions for removing and preventing lake muck on your lake front. The Aqua Thruster is our first choice especially when our customers want something that will resolve their muck, silt, aqutic seaweed and floating algae issue FAST! We have so many options for size and mounting options to perform well in nearly any application. After years of continually improving and perfecting every aspect of the AquaThruster. Weeders Digest is confident that this product will drastically improve your shoreline and guarantees customer satisfaction.
It is also the perfect tool for maintaining a sandy, hard bottom beach and protecting your shoreline from weeds & algae that tend to float in.
The Dock mount, Post mount & Side Truss Mount options for the Aqua Thruster is adjustable up to a 5 foot water depth so you can use it for blasting and moving lake muck and sediment by positioning close to the muck bottom.
You can also raise it to just below the water surface to maintain a floating weed and algae area.
You can add the 360 degree oscillating motor to your Aquathruster to maximize up to a 360 degree coverage area!  The oscillating motor is a fantastic convenience tool because it enables you to mount your Aqua thruster in one dock location so you don’t have to reposition.

Additional information

Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 14 × 26 × 14 in
Choose Motor Size

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Choose Cord Length

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