36″ Wide Beach & Landscaping Rake + Pitchfork Combo Kit


Rake and Pitchfork Combo Package


Rake and Pitchfork in one package, for an easy one-step purchase of the best tools available. These are high-quality tools, not a low quality that you may find at your local big box store. We specialize in providing for shores and watery areas. Our 3-foot wide rake & pitchfork combo kit is a great choice for lakeshore property owners who need dependable tools to clean up seaweed and debris on their shoreline.  You’ll be able to rake your debris into a neat area and then gather it for removal with the pitchfork while sifting out a lot of the sand which you want to stay on your beach. Allowing you to maintain a beautiful beach with relative ease.

The Rake: Our heavy duty rake is a must have a lake & beach maintenance tool. The aluminum head is 3 foot wide and the durable handle is 6 foot long. You’ll appreciate the quality of this piece when you have it in your hands.

The Fork: Very lightweight but tough, an excellent clean-up companion tool for your shoreline. It’s very lightweight due to the polycarbonate head which is virtually indestructible and comes with a 54″ aluminum handle. Works very well for all around the lake shore, cleaning up piles of seaweed, and yard work.

Having the combination of the rake and pitchfork to work together are the ideal tools for your beach clean up job. However, if you are looking for a great tool to cut weeds around your beach, dock, and shoreline then we recommend also checking out the Weed Shear Aquatic Weed Cutter. This tool will be an addition to your waterfront arsenal allowing you the also clean up weeds and grown within the range of your shoreline.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 67 × 12 in

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