Introducing the new Eco-Veyor shore transfer conveyor! 

The Eco-Veyor allows harvested lake weeds to be easily transported from both the Eco-Harvester and Eco-Cutter directly into your waiting dump trailer or dump truck for removal. Setting up the Eco-Veyor is easy as it features our hydraulically actuated landing and leveling jack-pads, enabling you to move to different locations quickly and to complete your harvesting job efficiently!

The Eco-Veyor is available in bunk width of 4’ 8” X 24’, 30’, and 36’ standard lengths to accommodate most any shallow, rocky, or steep shoreline and is universally compatible to use with most any harvester.  The overall size is 7’8” wide and either 25’ 9”, 31’ 9”, or 37’ 9” long.  It features electric start and radio remote and feed so that the operator can control and direct while seated on the harvester.  This unique feature sets the Eco-Veyor apart from all other shore transfer conveyors and makes offloading from harvester to Eco-Veyor a true one-person operation!  It is powered by the bullet-proof 22 hp Honda engine and can be pulled behind almost any truck or SUV with 6,000 lb. tow rating.


NOTE: add 6′ to length for each extension increment.
Operating length: 25′ 9″
Towing length: 30′ 3″

Maximum Discharge height above water level: 

  • 24′ conveyor = 11′ 9″
  • 30′ conveyor = 14′ 0″
  • 36′ conveyor = 16′ 3″

Undercarriage, Axle & Towing Details:

  • Axle Capacity: (single with springs) 7000 lbs.
  • Hub type: studs, 8 on 6.5”bolt circle
  • Jack Capacity: (screw type) 7000 lbs.
  • Draw bar & hitch: telescopic with option of 2-5/16 ball or 3” eye highway towing package


  • Bed length: 24′ 5”,  Width: 4′ 8”
  • Hopper width: 7′ 8”
  • Conveyor belting type: Heavy duty web

Power pack:

    • Engine type: Air- cooled, Electric start, 22.1 HP (16.5 KW)
    • Fuel Tank capacity: 5 US gal
    • Hydraulic Pump & filtration: Variable displacement, Piston type, & 10 micron return filter
    • Directional control valves: Two (2) section Electric with manual backup
    • Battery: 12 volt DC heavy duty
    • Hydraulic tank capacity: 10 US gal
    • Features radio control remote start and feed so it can be operated directly from the harvester while offloading into Eco-Veyor.

Anti- Corrosion System:

  • Painting: Marine grade coating
  • Stainless Steel items: Fasteners, Hydraulic hard lines, underwater bearings

Optional Equipment:

  • Stainless Steel heavy duty web
  • Stainless Steel structure
  • Spare parts package

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Shipping length: 25′ 9” Hauling, 30′ 3” towing 
  • Width: 8′ 0”
  • Height : 5′ 0”
  • Weight: 5500 pounds (Add 870 pounds per 6′ extension)

The Eco-Veyor Shore Transfer Conveyor is designed to work with The Eco-Harvester, Eco-Cutter and most other makes and models of aquatic harvesters, skimmers, and transfer boats.