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The Eco Harvester is an environmentally friendly aquatic plant harvesting machine and the only harvester of its kind that pulls the weeds from their roots instead of cutting them like ALL other aquatic weed harvesters!  It is 95 % effective at uprooting milfoil, hydrilla, celery grass, water chestnut, and most other aquatic plants prevalent in ponds, lakes, rivers, channels, canals, and beachfront property.

The Eco Harvester is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical training to operate like most other aquatic weed harvesters.  It is the most manageable and least invasive method for removing lake weeds with minimal lake bottom disruption compared to other harvesters, chemicals, dredging, and dewatering.  Best of all, it only requires one person to unload, operate, and trailer.  In essence it is a one-person operation from start to finish!

The Eco Harvester was initially designed to help control Milfoil, but is able to help with so many other aquatic plants and weeds. We’re proud to be able to offer a machine that is more versatile and effective than traditional aquatic weed harvesters. It is able to cut weeds like most traditional harvesters, but the EcoHarvester is special because it can pull weeds up from the roots and skim weeds, debris, and algae off the surface. It works in more shallow water around docks, piers, or marina slips!  Most important is that it is affordable for lake associations, conservation management, municipalities, and lake shore maintenance contractors because it is 1/3rd the cost of any other comparable weed harvester/cutter.

Features / Benefits

  • Affordable – One-third the price of traditional harvesters
  • Eco-friendly – No chemicals or dredging
  • Easy to operate – One-person operation from start to finish
  • Versatile – Pulls, cuts, & skims weeds in shallow water
  • Multi-purpose – Gathers floating debris and algae
  • Quality engineered – Well built & lifetime warranty on hull
  • Effective lake management – Uproots aquatic weeds including milfoil
  • Aluminum hull – Lighter and rust resistant
  • Reduced draft – Operate in as little as 12” of water
  • Increased capacity – 30 % additional cubic yards!
  • Wider Hull – Improves operational stability!
  • Hard pipe hydraulics – Improves durability and design!
  • Dynamic flow intake – 95 % effective weed pulling!
  • Standard components – Universal repair & replacement parts


Simply put, the Eco II is the most versatile & effective eco-friendly aquatic harvesting tool available for the price!

Please fill out the form on our contact form  or call us for product pricing, specifications, trailer options, productivity rates, or a business pro forma explaining how this one-of-a-kind machine can make & save you money!

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