Bring The Beauty of Nature To Your Lake

Muck Pellets

Our high performance muck reducing pellets will slow release bio-stimulants and native bacteria from the bottom of the area where you apply it.

Living Bacteria Supplements

Clarify water with a natural bacterial blend that fixates nitrogen and phosphorus, establish healthy bacteria cultures to balance nature and increase the health of your water.

Harvesting Equipment

Lake harvesting equipment, to control weeds and muck in your lakes manually. We have a variety of machine options.

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Our Facility

ShoreTech Industries and Weeder’s Digest, our parent company, were founded to allow waterfront owners eco-friendly locally accessible products for their water. 


We’ve grown to over 100 water improving product options with our ShoreTech division focusing on bacteria and natural products to enhance your waterfront, pond, or lake.


Lake Harvesting Machines

Improving water quality manually with equipment manufactured with ease of use in mind and effective manual eliminiation of weeds and muck.

Muck Control

Clear your lake front or pond of muck, so you’ll have a solid base for swimming and a natural place for fish and turtles to roam.


Reset the natural balance by adding bacteria to your lake or pond, you can offset the damage done with chemicals or local agriculture.

What Customers Are Saying

Pellets are working better than expected.

I tried 3 other brands of pellets over the last year and finally think that I have found one that works well! Near my shoreline I had about 2 inches of muck and I can now see the bottom! Out deeper by the end of my dock I have much more but can tell the pellets are reducing them – Its been about 1 month and I am very pleased so far. Alan K.

Muck Pellets great product

For the past two seasons I have used Shoretech on my new lake home beach. I started with 12 inches of muck at the shoreline and through consistent treatment and manual weed removal, I now have two dock lengths of hard bottom that my wife can even enjoy. Great product! Andrew K.

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